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How to activate chat heads in whatsapp

Written by Antoni Omeihe
Chat heads are Home’s chat and messaging interface which integrates messaging more seamlessly into your Android phone’s UI by showing you and your contacts as little profile picture dots that you interact with using fun, playful gestures and could make messaging really fun and more useful.

This can be seen mostly on Facebook Messenger. But for the sake of this tutorial, we will learn how to integrate this feature into whatsapp also with the help of an app called DashDow

This app not only lets you set the chathead, but also lets you enable your last seen, makes you read messages sent by your friend without them knowing that you’ve read it.

In as much as this app have pros, it also has its cons.

— You don’t need to root your phone before using this app
— Read WhatsApp message without opening WhatsApp Messenger
— Hide your last seen, Blue ticks, and online status
— Check messages directly from lock screen without unlocking your device

— You can only read the messages but you can’t reply to those messages
— To reply the message you need to open the application
— You need 4.0+ Android device to run this app because it does not support lower device

Now lets go on how you can install and use this app to enable chat head on your whatsapp. Follow the below steps to get started!!

*. Download DashDow from Playstore from the link HERE

*. Install and launch the app, then Tick on Notification Access. Checking this option brings the Dashdow app to work on your android smartphone.

*. You will now need to allow permission from your android notification access interface. After allowing it, you will see a success message, click on OK to continue!

*. Congrats!! You have successfully set your ChatHead on whatsapp!! Anytime you get a new message, you will see it like the one in the below photo.

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